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Odroid xu4 ORA Username and Password

  • I was wondering if anyone knows what the default username and password are for the ORA version 1.1. I cant access files through WinSCP without it

  • All the info you need is in the PDFs for ORA. You did read those, right?

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    @zerojay Yo, smartass. Not all documentation is up anymore. Maybe instead of being a dick you could try and be helpful? Like, I have the same question, and help that's actually helpful, in good English, and well documented is hard to come by for the XU4!

    Like, why is it that every time, in FileZilla, I try to connect, it acts like authentication failed and that it couldn't connect to the server? I know the username is pigaming, but I sure as shit couldn't remember the fucking password as I, like a lot of other people who use tech, have too many passwords to really keep track of.

    If someone else wants to be of good use, feel free to step up to the plate, or go and close this thread, send some threatening message for me breaking the rules of posting in an old forum because how dare I criticize forum culture, amirite!?

    EDIT: Since no one has stepped up to the plate, I'm going to go ahead and use this quote I found. It's more helpful than what @zerojay said, and just about any other dev will tell you on Reddit, Discord, or Github where they're so busy, so above us normal users, and so biologically superior that they can't answer a simple question or just put something down that, considering how initmate with the software they are, should be the equivalent of stocking shelves in terms of how low rung support it is on the totem pole of helping others out. Hell, I got more help and cooperation working with the Redream dev, a "filthy closed source" developer.

    Without any further ado, here's a quote:

    @reesk92 said in ORA Retropie image for the odroid Xu4:

    @spitfyre1085 its enabled by default the only thing different is we changed the login details to
    password: odroid
    for the root acount
    username: pigaming
    for the default account

    all out images enable this by default because the biggest complaint we see is people needing to use ssh and being unable to do so even worse is when they cant interface with the pi with keyboard and monitor then there left having to mess around with sd cards and changing files just to enable it so we enable it by default so you can use ssh from the moment you burn the image

    if you wish to disable ssh then your welcome to as its easier to disable ssh than it is to enable it in our opinion

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    @Silent_Gunner Please be civil and watch your language - this is one of the rules of the forum. If you can't abstain yourself from this, go somewhere else. You've got a temporary ban for this post - if you want to come back, then change your attitude.

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    That's interesting...he was just trying to help the OP with something he managed to come across, and decided it to be important enough to make a new post and to try and deal with the snobbish attitude of the man who replied to him by rubbing it in his face as to how incompetent his help was to OP. He probably figured that, if he and OP are having this problem, others are having it, hence him quoting an answer to the OP's question. He could've been less blunt and offensive, sure, but the fact that you go and shut him down when, let's face it, he was being more helpful, speaks to this communities' priorities more than you'll admit.

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    @Silent_Gunner (a.k.a @NoBullShit) - you just registered again just to add more insult to the injury and pretend to provide 'helpful feedback' to your own posts. Looks like you've made your choice.

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