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ATARI 2600 control maping w/ mame4all also

  • Hello,
    I have a PI3 connected to an I-PAC 2 USB interface. Using new install of retropie 4.4 . I have a control board with 18 buttons and 2 Joysticks wired to the I-PAC . At initial setup of the 4.4 image I map all the buttons and Joysticks. Mame4all with all my favorite roms works fine. I want to remap the keys ONLY for the ATARI roms as I do not want to mess up the mame4all setup. Also in ATARI 2600 I would like to map individual roms for some games. I have searched and seen several things about remapping keys but nothing that applies to only one emulator and a rom within that emulator. Any thoughts?


  • @ajmartin Firstly, Mame4all is not based on retroarch so anything you do outside of it will not affect it. Since you have a Pi3, Mame2003 could be a better alternative. Which emulator are you using for Atari 2600? Is it lr-stella? If so, has everything you need.

  • Hi thanks for the quick answer! I am using stock retropie 4.4 no modifications. I put my ATARI roms into the ATARI folder. So what ever the default emulator is that is what I am using. For mame roms I just hit the TAB key and I can assign buttons global or by game.
    I will take a look at your link but I dont know what default retropie uses ?


  • @ajmartin said in ATARI 2600 control maping w/ mame4all also:

    For mame roms I just hit the TAB key and I can assign buttons global or by game

    Yes but when you first booted retropie and followed the configuration setup, this configuration is then set globally for all emulators that are based on retroarch, i.e. preceded by lr, so lr-mame2003 but not mame4all. The link I shared explains how to set global (which you will already have done) then per emulator and then per rom for libretro emulators. The launch menu tells you which emulator that you are launching via

    I put my ATARI roms into the ATARI folder

    Yes but there is stella and lr-stella. For lr-stella, the configuration is set from this location: /opt/retropie/configs/atari2600/retroarch.cfg

    But for stella, you use TAB again for the config menu.

    I do not want to mess up the mame4all setup

    Nothing you do outside of mame4all will mess it up. If you read this: you will understand why this is.

    Going slightly off topic, you should look at the Arcade folder for your MAME experience because you can set different emulators with ease and all your arcade games appear under the Arcade logo. Once set up, nobody cares which emulator is running which rom. Setting it up requires an understanding of roms though which are not universally compatible. Read this for more.

  • rbaker! WoW thanks. It some mucking around, trial and error but I got it mostly to work, actually it works I maped the joystick and fire button and that akk you need in lots of 2600 games. I need to figure out the other keyboard maps and Im done.

    Thanks again.


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