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Scraped megadrive/genesis but screenshots don't show

  • I used Universal XML Scraper to scrape my NES, SNES and Genesis roms and they all show with the exception of Genesis.

    I used RPi Toolkit to flip the names from MegaDrive to Genesis before scraping if it makes a difference. I notice that my Genesis roms are duplicated in the MegaDrive rom folder also. Deleting roms in one dir deletes them in the other.

    Screenshots are located in \retropie\configs\all\emulationstation\downloaded_images\megadrive but also tried copying them to the genesis dir with no luck.

  • @denzilla Do the images show in the gamelist.xml?

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    @denzilla The megadrive and genesis folders are in fact just 1 folder - one is a shortcut (symlink) to the other. The name switch is just modifying the display name in the system carousel. Check the \\retropie\configs\all\emulationstation\gamelists\megadrive\gamelist.xml file (open it with Notepad++) and see if the scraping information is correctly saved there (i.e. games description, name, path to image). You can also check the Emulationstation log file at \retropie\configs\all\emulationstation\es_log.txt and check for errors regarding the scraped images.
    Also, please provide more information about your setup -

  • I fixed it.

    The screenshot data wasn't in the gamelist.xml. I deleted the xml, flipped the console name back to megadrive and rescraped. Now the screenshots are showing correctly.

    Tonight, I will flip it back to Genesis, add a couple of games, scrape and see if it adds the screenshots like it should.

  • So I guess I didn't fix it....

    Started over with a fresh install of RetroPie on my RPi 3B. Before coping games, I flipped the names of the systems and copied games over.

    My Genesis roms are being duplicated between the Megadrive/Genesis Folders. This was expected.

    Proceeded to use XML Scraper, which correctly identified/scraped all Genesis roms.

    Screenshots do not show.

    Problem: I Noticed that a gamelist.xml exists in both the MD/Genesis folders but ScreenScraper is only updating the xml file in the Genesis folder. The screenshots will not show until I copy over the gamelist.xml file from the Genesis Dir to the MegaDrive Dir.

    Question: Why does the symlink business exist with the MD/Genesis but not the PCE/TG16?

  • @denzilla try scraping again but selecting megadrive instead. disregard the fact the Genesis folder exists at all.

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