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Switch Theme 3.0 (UPDATED 08/12/18)

  • @Weatherby I don't have much of a clue on how custom collections work entirely. Sorry

  • @lilbud Ah. I'll have to play around with it then. It's weird that Completed Games recognized no problem, but the others don't seem to work. Worst case I just group them back together, I guess.

    Thanks again for being so responsive, I feel I must be asking a ton of questions.

  • @lilbud your instructions on how to modify your Switch theme from light to dark just says its toggleable in the xml file and nothing else. What am I supposed to do in the file? You were not clear at all in your post for 3.0 OR its readme file inside the theme.

  • @InfinityBeing It's actually the "config.xml" change where it says "light.xml" to say dark.

    I mentioned this in the original post up at the top.

  • @lilbud If you don't mind me shooting another question your way...

    It seems the ratings aren't working for me anymore in the theme. The 'stars' don't fill in any way. I have updated, removed, and re-installed the theme to no avail. Not sure if this is global or just a me issue.

    Excellent work, btw, as always.

  • @hooperre Check the es log txt file, that should be a good starting point.

  • @lilbud
    lvl1: requested mismatched theme type for [detailed.md_rating] - expected "rating", got "text"

    Sorry. This means nothing to me, but probably means something to you.

  • @hooperre That makes no sense, looked back at the theme xml file, rating is only listed once and it is as 'rating' not 'text'.

    Maybe someone else knows.

  • @lilbud Fwiw, I'm seeing that as well.

    Thanks for checking. Should be noted in on a Pi 4, though I'd be surprised if that changed things.

  • @hooperre Yeah, I don't have a Pi 4 at the moment (honestly don't have a need for one right now.) Probably something to do with the new unofficial Pi 4 builds of emulationstation and retropie

  • @lilbud it seems like your star ratings don't visually change on your theme. Is there a fix for this?

  • @InfinityBeing

    Check and make sure that your gamelist.xml files have ratings on each game entry. That could be one explanation.

    The other could be that you are running on a Pi 4, which AFAIK, is strictly unofficial and not supported by Retropie. @hooperre ran into an issue like this a few posts up.

  • @lilbud no i'm still on a 3b+, so it might be an xml issue. Do you know if it's an ES issue or your theme, but i've got a Ports issue with having two entries of the same thing on there. I have 'Cave' which is the shell script to run the game, and the folder that holds its .exe also shows up in my Ports menu. Apparently nobody else knows what i'm talking about or how to help me, but the ports work fine and run with no issues, it's just that i dont need two entries of the same exact thing, especially when one is a subfolder that shouldn't show up. vvvvvv is also installed, and has a subfolder in the same directory, but it doesn't bring up both the .sh and the folder. it only brings up the .sh

    Any ideas? Nobody on this site has a clue what i'm talking about apparently.

  • @InfinityBeing I don't have an idea about either issue, as I haven't ran into either issue on my end.

    Are you downloading the new version of the theme (es-theme-switch)? There are two older versions that are out of date. The old ones are called: switch-light and switch-dark.

  • I'm downloading the correct one, since I had to edit the config to make it dark. Been meaning to say this, but this theme is definitely the sleekest, and nicest one I've seen. One minor tweak though is that the auto-scroll for the game info doesn't scroll all the way down, making it look like part of it is hidden by the area where the ratings are. Not sure if it's a bug or a limitation of how far you can scroll, but wanted to bring it up too. Thanks again for making something so cool!

  • @InfinityBeing it's not a bug, it's a feature :)


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