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MicroSD keeps dividing into 3 sections

  • Whenever I try to format a MicroSD card for Retropie 4.4 on my Rpi 3b, instead of having 1 8gb partition, it has 1 57mb partition, which is where it puts Retropie, a 2.19gb partition that seems to do nothing, and 5.07gb of unallocated memory. I don't know why it keeps doing this, and I can't seem to fix it.0_1533931723337_Fix.PNG

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    @collcroc123 That's normal. Once you start the system, the 2nd partition will be expanded to fill up the free space (that shows up as Unallocated). The 1st partition is the boot partition, only holding the necessary files to start the system and then the actual OS and its files will be on the 2nd partition.

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