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Menu in Mame 2003 plus...can I change buttons around?

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    @amishgamer it should be bindable. Look for "UI Select" in the MAME input menu

  • @dankcushions "Bindable"? Could you expand on that a little? I'm sorry, I'm at work right now, but I want to have all my homework done so I can make the adjustment the moment I get home.

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    @amishgamer i mean you can change it via the MAME menu you like you've done before

  • @dankcushions said in Menu in Mame 2003 plus...can I change buttons around?:

    @amishgamer i mean you can change it via the MAME menu you like you've done before

    Oh, I'm with you now...thanks. Anyway, yeah, I'll try this first thing when I get home.

  • @dankcushions Well, when looking in the input menu...I didn't see anything that would be helpful, unless the menu entry is cryptic and/or vague. I didn't want to start changing stuff around that wasn't obvious or I wasn't already familiar with because that's how I get in over my head.

  • @amishgamer It's the binding "UI Select" like @dankcushions said, BUT mame2003-plus changed significantly how it handles menus and keymapping three months ago, did you update your mame2003-plus since then? (IMHO you should, as mame2003 is under constant development).

    Here are the corresponding posts in the mame2003-plus thread:

    In short: The new mame2003-plus doesn't display any input configuration in its MAME menu any more, as this would require all network players to sync their config files. The keymappings are meant to be set in the Retroarch Quick Menu under "Controls" from now on. If you don't want that, you can re-enable the MAME menu input entries under "Options" > "Activate MAME Remapping".

    That said, the binding for the MAME menu selection button is still called "UI Select" in the current version of mame2003-plus. :)

    edit: Also, keyboard input is disabled by default in favour of the controller/retropad, but can be re-enabled by setting "Options" > "Input Interface" to "keyboard" (only) or "simultaneous" (both).

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    Well my advice would be this.

    There are a few options to select from for a

    ( gamepad otherwise known as modern) this is only really of any use for sf2 on a modern controller

    6 button dame as above snes pad layout for sf2 games

    classic gamepad is what you really want for games that are not sf2

  • I appreciate the attempts to help, but I'm still really confused by this. Maybe the advice was based on a dated version of mame2003-plus. I update it pretty much every other day. And, since development is rapid (as I understand it), perhaps these change from version to version.

    Can someone like REALLY dumb this down for me? Because I'm just not getting it. I can turn off the menu, but that means it won't respond with tab on the keyboard, either.

  • @amishgamer Okay, this is what I would do in your place:

    • Start a game with mame2003-plus.
    • Enter the RetroArch configuration.
    • Connect a keyboard and enable it by setting "Options" > "Input Interface" to "keyboard" (only) or "simultaneous (both)" in RetroArch's "Quick Menu" (you should land in automatically).
    • (Re-)Enable the Mame menu by setting "Options" > "Activate MAME Remapping" to ON.
    • In a game, invoke the Mame menu with TAB on the keyboard and set "UI Select" to the desired controller button in "Input (general)".

    Does that work for you? If not, where exactly do you fail in this sequence?

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    in all honesty its easy to setup but you need to understand ra and it needs documented you can go back to the old way like above or set up up in controls both work im sure mark will get round to documenting it for people

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