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gamelist.xml not being read emulationstation 2.8 windows

  • My xml file is not showing metadata. The images load, but no ratings or descriptions.
    Here's an example:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <path>./Adventures of Lolo (USA).nes</path>
    <name>Adventures of Lolo (USA)</name>
    <desc>Prince Lolo of Gentryland visited Eden, a country of love and peace, and enjoyed many pleasant days with Princess Lala of Eden. But one day, Egger, the King of Darkness, who had an evil plot to conquer Eden, spirited the Princess away before Lolo's eyes.
    After a long and difficult journey, Lolo has come to the evil Castle of the Labyrinth. The castle is guarded by an army of evil monsters led by Egger, the King of Darkness.

    Can Lolo solve the seemingly endless series of mazes and save Lala? Lolo is not gifted with strength or agility, but has great courage and patience. Now the battle of wits begins. Good luck, Lolo!</desc>
    <developer>HAL Laboratory</developer>
    <publisher>HAL America</publisher>
    <image>./images/Adventures of Lolo (USA).jpg</image>

    Anyone have a similar problem?

  • Global Moderator

    Maybe the theme (or the view) does not display those metadata tags - they're certainly present in the gamelist.xml file.

  • I'm jsut using simple theme. Surely it works with these?
    I generated the gamelist using sselph scraper and ammended the image location using gengal. The internal scraper wouldn't save any metadata i downloaded.
    And no, save metadata on exit was turned on.

  • Global Moderator

    @hazzerboraco said in gamelist.xml not being read emulationstation 2.8 windows:

    And no, save metadata on exit was turned on.

    Nobody asked about this. Can you provide a screenshot ?

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