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Proper screen fill when emulating game gear

  • I have built several retropie systems how and this is my first time having to post a question. My current system is a raspberry pi 3b running retropie 4.4

    Im not near my system at the moment as I just got to work but if logs are needed I can get to that later when I get home.

    This current system has the most systems and ROMs running that I've had going sucessfully. Atari 2600, 7800, SG100, all the game boys, MES, SNES, Genesis, and all stretched to fit my 1080x1920 screen, as that's what I have my global retroarch settings adjusted for. It works great for every system, EXCEPT ....

    For the first time I'm trying to emulate game gear. I'm using lr-genesis-plus-gx, launching .zip. the games open fine, the graphics look great, except I have a colored box around approximately 50% of the screen. For example, Sonic 1 is surrounded by a blue frame, where the actual play field is only about the center half of the screen. I've tried adjusting the retroarch settings for lr-genesis-plus-gx, but nothing seems to make much difference at all. I've tried custom resolution and setting it to 1080x1920, I've turned overlays off and on, nothing seems to make the frame disappear. There has to be something simple I'm missing right? How can I make the play area fill the screen?

    Again, I'm away from the system right now so any more technical input will have to wait till I'm home from work but I just thought I'd put feelers out there for now.

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