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Configuring Xarcade Dual Jstick with Reicast

  • Pi 3
    Power Supply used: Micro USB?
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4.2
    Built From: Pre made SD Image
    USB Devices connected: Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
    Controller used: Xarcade Dual Joystick
    Emulator: Reicast

    I have the Xarcade Dual Joystick hooked to my Pi 3, running RetroPie 4.4.2. I have installed all the drivers for the stick to work in retropie, no problem there.

    I have configured my sticks through the Retropie setup for Reicast (several different times and several different ways), but for some reason when I boot up a Dreamcast game, “right” and “down” do not seem to be mapped. I’ve done the config several times and I can never get right or down to work.

    I noticed at one point that if I hit right on the 2nd player stick, it worked, but not on player one stick. It’s almost as if it’s seeing my dual jstick has a single controller.

    Anybody got any suggestions here?

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