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  • I couldn't find anything about it on the forums. Is there a way to map multiple physical buttons to a single function?

    I am planning on using this this with a keyboard, so I can have controls mapped to letters AND arrows. I am planning on using letters for the gameplay from time to time, but I would also like to have arrows to navigate the menus (and also have enter and Esc work as A & B respectively).

    In a perfect world, I would just go to the .cfg file and have multiple buttons on player 1 for each option, but I am not sure if this is feasable or what would the syntax be.

    Alternatively, I can map the arrows, Enter & Esc to some other player and use that. How would I do that on the same keyboard? I have seen some this program that lets you assign controllers by joypad names to players, would that help (also, can't find it now, if anyone knows what I am talking about, do let me know) ?

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