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Retroflag SuperPi safe shutdown issue

  • Hi all,

    I recently purchased a Retroflag SuperPi case from Amazon, and over all I am extremely impressed with the case. However, I am unable to get the power button to shut down my pi. I installed the script as per the provided instructions, even checking what I did against an Eta Prime video, the safe shutdown switch set to on, as in the off position it does a hard reset/shutdown. Reset works correctly, bringing up the command prompt and running a script to restart the pi. The power button will turn on the pi, but doesn't function beyond that. If I put the switch in the off position, then press reset, it seems to shut down correctly.

    I am running a Raspberry Pi 3b, Retropie 4.4.2, and a CanaKit 2.5 amp power supply.

  • As it turns out, the board with the safe shutdown circuitry was missing a resistor near the fan header, so the path that needed to be made to induce the script was not being completed. Retroflag was kind enough to send a replacement board, and now it works perfectly. No script modifications required. See the included picture for details.alt text

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