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  • So I'll preface this by saying I am completely new to electronics and aren't quite sure what I've done wrong. I've also searched through the forums here and nothing I've seen is quite the same as the issue I'm having.

    I'm using a Raspberry pi 3 with a control block and a rocker switch.

    This is the rocker switch I'm using:



    So I've tried wiring it up a few ways, but the closest I've come to getting it to work how I expected is by wiring positive and negative to the positive and negative on the control block and the accessory terminal (middle) to the switch terminal. Unfortunately, the result is:

    if the switch is OFF: the retropi boots normally and functions as it should if the switch were ON except the LED light is off
    if the switch is ON: The LED flashes slowly, as it should during boot up, and the system appears to boot normally until just before it reaches the "Emulation station" splash screen. Then the LED flashes quickly and the system starts the shutdown process. Once it has shut down, it begins to boot up all over again.

    I'm not sure if I'm simply using the wrong switch, or if I've done something really silly in the setup but any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • You are using switches with three pins, ordinary ones only use two. The third pin comes into play because of the LED.

    The first thing you should do is find out which two pins are for the switch. Usually the colors indicate which one is which. Didn't the switches come with any instructions?
    When the switch is set to on, the two pins you are looking for create a short circuit, when off they don't. These two pins need to be connected to the control block's switch pins. It doesn't matter which way around.

    The third pin on your switch is for powering the LED. Unfortunately I can't tell you what kind of connection it needs since that would depend on the kind of LED.

  • @neolith ok cool well that's a start at least. No it was just the switches unfortunately no instructions. I'll see if I can get it to function without the led and go from there. Thanks very much.

  • What's the switch' part number? Where did you get it from? Maybe a little research can show how the switch LED is connected internally.
    When you mentioned LED, is that the LED connected to the Contolblock or the LED on the switch?

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