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Audio configuration for Retropie and raspberry pi with touchscreen

  • I am hoping people can help me with what I am sure is a common problem. I got a 5" touchscreen to connect to my raspberry pi 3 b+which I use with retropie. I connected it to the touchscreen via the double hdmi bridge and the video works fine. There is however no audio when I connect my earphones to the jack in the pi.I am guessing that this is due to the hdmi plug handling both audio and video like they do in tvs. I have tried going into the setup menu via command prompt sudo raspi-config, advanced options and then force audio through 3.5mm jack but this didn't work. I did change the option and selected finish through the menu but am not sure if you have to save it somehow for it to take effect as from that point I wasn't sure how to get to back to retropie other than resetting the system. I have read elsewhere about having to manually edit the config file but this looks a bit complicated. I am hoping there's an easier sotution as I would love to make my pi portable.

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