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Primary color in "Collections"

  • I put a few games in some collections. But in the list of collections inactive items look much darker than inactive items in other lists. Primary color is set in the main xml file, and is 39393950. Checked on the carbon theme. In this theme also this font looks darker in collections than in other lists.

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  • @sexbeer It looks like it could be an issue with your < primaryColor> and <secondaryColor> variables.

    According to the docs, when used in the gamelist, < primaryColor> controls the colour of the games, while <secondaryColor> controls the colour of folders. I'm guessing collections are acting as folders in this case (but as I said, it's just a guess, and I'm not really able to look into it at the moment).

  • @mattrixk wow! thank you! it really helped! my mistake was that i set <secondaryColor>000000</secondaryColor>. I changed it to <secondaryColor>39393950</secondaryColor> same as primary color and it worked!


  • @sexbeer Awesome, I'm glad it worked out.

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