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  • First time doing this so I'm taking it step by step. Please tell me where I'm going wrong.

    I'm using Win32 Disk Imager and when I plug in my microSD card 2 separate drives show up on Windows: boot F: and USB Drive I:.
    Now I want to copy the image to my backup drive H:. So I set the "Device" to H: correct? When I click the folder icon to locate the image to backup I'm not sure which drive to choose: F: or I:?
    When I choose I: Windows says I need to format is first...obviously I dont want to do that. When I choose F: all I see is an overlays folder and Kernel, and Kernel 7 images.
    The size is small for F:, but I assume that is b/c of the filesystem being used.
    Kernel and Kernel 7 are both .img files with 7 being slightly larger in size.
    I'm not sure how to proceed from this point. Any info is appreciated.

    I assume I want to use the boot F: drive, but which .img do I select: Kernel or Kernel 7, and do I include the Overlays folder somehow?

  • Thankyou sir!

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