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Retro PI or PC not seeing GamepadBlock

  • Re: GamepadBlock not being seen by PC or Pi

    Just recived my GamepadBlock, wired it up. I went into the RetroPie setup, I had a NES controller plugged in and the GamepadBlock that had been wired into my Videogame Console. The Retropie recognized that there were two controllers but the buttons that were wired into the GamePadBlock Did not work. I then checked the coninuity of the buttons, all was good. I powered down the GamePadBlock and changed the dip switch settings from 000 to 001. I went back in to the settings and wala.. I started the button definition and found one of my buttons was not working. I again powered down the GamePadBlock, debuged my wiring and powered back up.
    Now the RetroPie no longer recognizes the GamePadBlock, I can only see the NES controller.

    I went into RetroPie setup and cleared the controller data. still no luck. I also swapped USB cables just in case I have a crappy cable.

  • Global Moderator

    If you want to use NES controllers, you need to set the DI switches to 010 (see "Setting the Controller Mode" at

    Furthermore, you probably need to re-run the input configuration in EmulationStation, if you have changed the controller mode.

    Generally, if you have not done already, you might also want to update the firmware of the GamepadBlock (see

    Hope that helps!

  • @petrockblog

    My post may have not been clear, I have a standard arcade joystick, and buttons that I am interfacing to a pi, the NES controller comes into play because I had one pluged into the PI. I purchased a second GamePadBlock and that is being recognized by the Pi. I have a new issue. I have 5 buttons and a 5 wire joystick, A,B,C Start, and Command. not I wired everything into oneside of the GamePadBlock, with ground wired into the other side, I found that 2 buttons did not work and I had to wire them to the other side of the GamePad Block to get them to register. Also, For some reason the Joystick works for most games but not Dragons Laier, although the NEs controller works for this game.

  • as a follow up, the only way I could get the arcade buttons and joystick with ground common to register is using the a=on b=on c=off settings on the Game Pad Block

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    Did you update the firmware to the latest version?

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