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[Theme] gameOS for Pegasus

  • @PlayingKarrde I don't think this is the responsibility of the theme, but, I think it would be nice to have some sort of settings or config file to read from.

    I've been thinking about the changes that I'd like to make to your theme and most of them come down to personal preference. It'd be nice to have some variables that can be toggled in a file or Pegasus.

    For instance, I prefer having screenshots as the background because most of the scraped fanart is poor quality.

    It's easy enough to just avoid scraping fanart, but I would prefer a menu to choose which art to show.

  • @waldnercharles definitely that's my number one priority as well. I could implement a potential temporary solution but the launcher itself is getting theme settings at some point in the future so I've been holding off. However I may just go ahead with the temporary solution anyway as several people have requested it.

  • @PlayingKarrde Very nicely done. I especially like the mix of lists and grids.

    edit: Does it work with 4:3 screens?

  • @Clyde thanks, yep it works with any size or aspect ratio but has trouble at 640x480 or less right now.

  • @PlayingKarrde That's great to hear, especially since my 4:3 screen is 1600x1200. :)

  • The theme is cool but now i can no longer use my buttons to do anything.

  • @SephirothX2004 The latest version of Pegasus unfortunately had some major changes to the way inputs work so it would delete all inputs. You will need to go into the settings to remap your buttons.

    If you can't get to it (due to no input) you'll need to manually edit your settings.txt that's in your pegasus config folder. You'll likely need to add something like this to the bottom: F1,GamepadStart GamepadR2,PgDown
    keys.prev-page: GamepadL1,Q GamepadR1,E
    keys.filters: F,GamepadY
    keys.details: I,GamepadX
    keys.cancel: Esc,GamepadB GamepadL2,PgUp
    keys.accept: GamepadA,Return

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    @PlayingKarrde another solution is to just delete the settings.txt and when you boot it up again it should work

  • @herb_fargus Ah good call, I didn't realise that.

  • @SephirothX2004 If you have a mouse, you can hit the Reset button on the controls screen with that too. But yeah, deleting settings.txt also works.

  • Hey @fluffypillow, your theme is really well done! Was wondering how on earth you did you do the tiles in the rom select screen that has the game title with the video preview running in the background when you hover over it?

    I used the skraper app to skrape video and title, and other assets, and there is an option to do a automatically generated asset combining different existing assets, but nothing like what's in your demo video? Did you use a custom template, and if so, can you share lol? :-)

  • @simbz23 The theme was actually made by @PlayingKarrde, and it's for Pegasus, not EmulationStation :) Pegasus happens to support custom asset compositions and positioning like this. You can also find the sources in the first post.

  • Does this support rocketlauncher?

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    @wallmachine I don't think so, the theme is for Pegasus - which is a the launcher itself.

  • @wallmachine I don't see why you can't use RocketLauncher but since RL is a middleman between launcher and emulator it doesn't really have any effect on this theme or launcher. The launcher is flexible enough to support RL although you'd have to manually set it up (I haven't tried this yet but do plan on it).

    I should also point out that I haven't converted the theme to the latest version of Pegasus so if you want to use it I would consider getting a slightly earlier version of the launcher for the time being.

  • @PlayingKarrde
    I'm using UXS to grab my asset files for Emulationstation. I was wondering which file in particular you use as preview in your grid. When I select a game the preview game-video.mp4 starts and if I open the information page I can see game-image.png so basically it's working. But the grid view itself lacks of a preview picture so would it be possible to use the game-marquee.jpg or something else that is common media obtained by scrapers as fallback?

  • @5schatten Hmm unfortunately your metadata would need to comply with the Pegasus standards (hence why I suggest to scrape). If it works in EmulationStation though I feel like it should work here too. @fluffypillow could you confirm that?

    As for what I'm using, it's simply the game preview video and the clear logo. If it doesn't find the video it will look for the screenshot. If it doesn't find the logo it will use text for the title.

  • @PlayingKarrde Well I've tried but IMHO it's some what bloated a bit,& UXS scrapes fine & both use as source afaik.
    Here ist a sample of my gamelist.xml I've double checked it and Emulationstaion shows the image, marquee & video and also the pegasus standard/included theme grid works fine. Your theme runs fine too beside the fact that it only shows text as the name of the game and shows no preview image although it plays the video in the backgroud once you've selected it and also shows the screeshot in the details page. Just the "grid view" is an empty field on dark boxes with game names ;-)

  • @PlayingKarrde @5schatten yes, EmulationStation assets are supported, including marquees, but in addition to that, Pegasus also supports the "clear logo" asset type. That's what is used in this theme at the moment, which is why you don't see the marquees.

    If I remember correctly, you can use USX too to download the logos, the option to choose the assets should be in one of the menus. Then if you place the logo files under /.emulationstation/downloaded_images/ (eg. /.emulationstation/downloaded_images/nes/Contra (U)-logo.png), it should be picked up by Pegasus.

  • @fluffypillow Thanks for the reply, I totally sh** the bed, and I meant to ask the question to @PlayingKarrde , but the compliment for the frontend and theme still goes to both of you!

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