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Video Screensaver Randomness Bug?

  • I know this is probably just me, but has anybody noticed how the randomness in the Video Screensaver doesn't really seem all the random? I currently have 16,844 games available (according to the All Games auto collection). However, I've been letting the screensaver run for hours on end, and it looks like I get multiple runs of the same videos all the time. I don't know how to really describe it. If I watch, the same video may run twice in an hour, and one time I saw the same one 4 times. It's like it preloads into memory maybe just 100 games and then randomly selects a video out of that list. Does the screensaver not represent a true random selection of all games? Granted, not all games have a video screenshot. But it's kinda annoying to see the same video within 5-10 minutes. I've let the system run for days on a separate input on my TV, and when I switch over to check it's still running I'll see the same videos I saw the day before.

    Anyway, I know the Video Screensaver was something new that was added this last year. Just thought I'd mention it in case somebody else might have noticed it too and found it a little annoying.

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