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NESPi case problem

  • Hi all.. I’ve got an issue with my pi that I can’t figure out... I’m admittedly very new to this, so go easy on me...

    Running a 3 B+ with a 2.5A power supply on a basic premise image.
    When I was running the standard case, everything was fine. I got myself a Retroflag NESPi case and now I’m getting a weird issue... and no, it’s not the power warning in the corner.

    I’ll be playing anything.. any game any system, and about every minute or so, the image freezes for a few seconds. The game goes on, but the just the video hiccups a bit...

    I know it’s an issue with the case, because when I put it back in the original case, all is well.

    I’ve tried rewiring the power from the usb input to the switch board, but still no go... video issue is still there.

    Any ideas? Thoughts?
    I REALLY want to keep the case.. just want it to work right...

  • Check the temperature while running in the NESPi case. It could just be overheating and throttling down. May just need a case fan.

  • @ClassicGMR
    Got a case fan, and have tried running it with the top off. No luck.

  • @beahrdog still most likely a power issue if the problem is gone when you take the pi out of the case. One thing to try would be a 5.25v adapter which might help compensate for the voltage loss from the case (I have the original nespi case and this helped for me). I have also read that some people had issues with their PSU's usb connector not plugging all the way into the case.

  • I love the NESPi case. I had nothing but problems with the (supposed) 2.5a power supply my Pi kit came with. Eventually the behavior became very erratic, and and supply ended up failing. I got this 3a one from amazon:
    and it has been perfect ever since.

  • @quicksilver thanks guys, I’ll try a different power supply.

  • Well... I got a 5.25v 3A power supply, and the video freezing has reduced quite a bit, but is still there... I guess I need to replace all the wires?

  • @beahrdog any chance you can send the case back for exchange?

  • I have the NESpi case and plugged inside it a raspberry pi 3b+
    I tried several power supplies and all of them show the lightning bolt after a while and games get slow down with crappy sound
    I purcahsed the stontronics switching adapter t5989DV. The first 10 minutes playing the bolt never showed
    Afterwards the same issue happened
    I really spent a lot on adapters and a lot more on the nespi case to have it shipped to Egypt.
    Any recoomendation what to do?

  • @quicksilver
    Not really, I’ve already rewired from the power input to the switch board, and modified the base a bit.

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