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Scraper videos not playing

  • Hello,

    I have a question on getting videos to play. I ran the Selph Scraper and it worked great on most of my roms. I ran into a few roms where game data is present but the video will not play and i thought maybe it just did not download the video so i looked at the gamelist file /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/system/gamelist.xml. I discovered several roms that have the mp4 listed with the path. It still will not play so i am wondering if anyone would know a reason why that would be? since it clearly downloaded and the path is lsited the same as others. I also noticed that some roms are not listed in the file which i assume means that the scraper did not find it. How would i manually add this? If you enter the menu by pressing select from the emulation station home you can edit the game meta data which is what all this information is. Am i correct in believing that entries here will write to the gamelist file? If so, would i be correct in that if i would to create a video to play and name it correctly and place it in the images folder then enter that menu and enter the data and path, that i would then have that video play? I am planning on trying this but i am curious why some are not playing even though the video is present and the path is right.
    thank you for any help

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    @bswin821 Does it happen for all videos or only for some of them ? There is a known issue when using omxplayer (the accelerated HW player) and videos from a scraping source ( was it) - the video codec is not compatible.
    Yes, you can edit the gamelist with the metadata editor from Emulationstation (which means you'll need a keyboard) or you can edit the .xml file directly (but you'll have to stop Emulationstation first, otherwise your edits will be overwritten when ES shuts down/restarts).

  • @mitu ok that makes sense bc it is only a few videos. I’m wondering if I place a video I create manually in the images folder and edit the path to my new video if omxplayer will play it or not. That’ll have to be the next test.

  • @bswin821 for some ROMs I had that either didn’t scrape or showed as scraped but they were not playing I YouTubed “(gamename) Mame arcade video snap” and the first result or two was always a 30 or so second clip of what I was looking for. I then took the link and put it into and the mp4 that resulted from that played just find when I put it into the images folder and adjusted the gamelist.xml to point to the new file. So I know that method in particular works.

  • I actually just did something similiar which worked perfectly. I just took an in game video clip with my phone. I installed the Pixel environment. I uploaded it to youtube. Then used youtube2mp3 to convert it to an mp4. I downloaded it to the pi via Pixel. renamed it to the game name-video.mp4. Placed it in the images folder. Then i rebooted and selected the game and edited the meta data with the file path under video. Then saved and exited. Works perfectly. Now i can do that on the other 3 games i do not have videos for and the ones that wont play and i should be golden.

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