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Best SegaCD / MegaCD Method?

  • I'm about to add SegaCD to my collection. I already have 3-4 games that I got specifically because I owned them, but I'm about to add more. I'm just curious what the current thoughts are on archiving for RetroPie. Should I leave them as bin/cue or is CHD better? Does CHD have any complications? I already know it looks like picodrive doesn't work with them (yet (if ever)). That's kind of a bummer for me because I use picodrive 99% of the time. Any thoughts on this?

  • @hansolo77 i sugest you to use .CHD, its compress a game, and theres no problem on load on Retropie, i prefer use Genesis Plus core, load all my games.

  • @hansolo77 I use .chd to save space. Have not encountered any issues so far. Genesis Plus GX is a more accurate emulator but is also a bit more demanding but shouldn't be a problem if you are using a pi3.

  • @hansolo77 You'll need to have any multi-disc games in bin/cue to run them in lr-picodriveas that core is the only one that will allow you to play multi-disc games using the disk append, or at least to my knowledge that is still true.

    Of course... most of those multi-disc games are FMV games.

    I think Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors is the only non-FMV multi-disc and that is more of a gag toy/practical joke than a game: I'm not even sure if there is a disc switch involved in that one.

  • Thanks guys! I went bin/cue and scraped just the cue files. I figured it would be easier to just leave it in that format since that's how they came. Plus, it will give me the best compatibility and the chance to use either emulator. I didn't think the space saving would benefit me as much as the compatibility would.

  • @hansolo77 Well, if space isn't a concern, then that's fine.

    Just keep in mind you could be saving on average 30%-50% space on each game with CHD (barring the FMV ones that don't usually compress that well due to the pretty much incompressible video itself), and that there is generally little reason to use lr-picodrive over lr-genesis-plus-gx (barring multi-disc support and 32X support).

  • You can use iso+ogg for more space (edited with cue files) with games who have many sound track and lr-genesis-plus. Turborip is fine for compress in that format.
    Chd is fine too and more easy, but more heavy in general. Picodrive use cso+wav but i don't use it.

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