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res2h help

  • Hello everyone,

    I have started messing around with customizing my own Emulationstation. Figuring out as I go and coming along nicely.

    However I found out that I need to convert my SVG using res2h. And i cannot for the life of me manage to get that part to work. I have tried to install in on linux (via Pi and on a VM), but I always get the same error after i cmake it: line 3: res2h: command not found

    I see many people saying they have done it with Windows using res2h 0.3.2. Perhaps somebody could help me learn how I would go about installing, and more importantly actually running this program on windows?


  • Global Moderator

    @ketaketish Which version of Emulationstation are you trying to build ? The RetroPie project maintains its own fork of the main Emulationstation ( which doesn't have this step doing compilation/building.

  • Version 2.7.6

    I have an image all set up for my RPi, but I recently got an odroid XU4 and am looking at porting as much custom esthetic as possible.
    I do see that the RetroPie branch does not have the converted .cpp folder. Honestly this whole project for me is about learning how these systems work.

    Thank you again for your quick response :)

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