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Reicast game-specific controller config?

  • Hi,

    I am running raspberry pi 3b+ version 4.4 image from the retropie homepage and have kept up to date. Just updated standalone reicast today with the recent update that eliminated the date/time ask and had other fixes (yay!)

    Just wondering if there is some way to use the runcommand on start functionality so that if I run a specific rom I can have my bartop joystick (Sana’a JLF) reconfigured from analog to digital just for that one particular rom.

    Background for why:
    All of the Dreamcast games on my bartop except one either require or can use the analog stick for relevant controls. So in the reicast general controller setup menu (emulator config in retropie setup script) I configured my joystick to the analog controls and did not configure the digital controls (had to choose one or the other with only one joystick for each player). BUT Virtua Fighter 3tb was made ONLY to use digital controls. So when I boot that up I can not select a character or move the character on screen. I hadn’t raised this issue before now because up until updating reicast I was always going to need two types of controls for this rom - one to move the date time selection screen (analog only) and one to control the game (digital only. But now that date/time is no longer an issue I am wondering if something like a game-specific controller config can be set using the runcommand on start option (ie, I select the rom, runcommand looks for whether the emulator is reicast and the rom is Virtua fighter 3tb, and if so, it reconfigures the joystick just for that game to be digital then after the game possibly using runncomand on end it goes back to “normal”; maybe another way would be some sort of “If then” in runcommand so that if Virtua fighter one controller setup; if any other game, the default setup).

    Anyway not a big deal but figured I would ask!!

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