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pong-v9 still working?

  • Re: Pong help and advice
    I tried stella, lr-stella (Atari 2600), jzintv and lr-freeinv (Intellivision) emulators, but none of them makes pong-v9 work for me.
    I also checked the default es_systems.cfg and it turns out that obviously, meanwhile .bin and .BIN extensions are already entered on-defaut.

    In one of the Atari emulators, at least I get these red dialogs from the game at the lower end of the screen, like game color, difficulty level ect. but the game itself won't start.

    Am I missing something, and/or is there anybody here who can still confirm that it works for him/her?

  • @TimZett Recently I tried to get this game running on my Pi as well (Intellivision). I quickly gave up and satisfied my paddle game needs with PS1 Pong the next level and Arkanoid R2000 (the latter has a very nice two player squash mode where you battle eachother like actual squash, where your paddle becomes translucent when it's your opponenents turn).

    Edit: I've looked into it a bit more and I think I went wrong trying to use lr-freeintv. (From reading I know now it needs the ECS bios file that is only supported by jzintv).

  • @TimZett Pong v9 will run on jzintv. I don't recall whether it ran on the version of jzintv included on Github, but it will definitely run using the newer releases. Don't give up, as it's an excellent game! Supports 4 player simultaneous play with jzintv as well.

  • I know this is an old topic but, for anyone else trying to get this to work.

    I have had moderate success with jzintv.

    If you have downloaded from
    Add “.rom” to the end of the file.

    Can’t currently get the controller to work but keyboard works fine!

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