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importance of using the official RetroPie image regarding achievements feature (and keeping RetroArch up to date)

  • This is an appeal to all RetroPie users, regardless how newbie they are, to only use the official image and at the very least learn how to update the software on it.

    Quite frequently we, at project, receive reports of buggy achievements and after some investigation we realize that the problem is that the user is playing with an outdated version of RetroArch.

    The problem usually comes from 2 facts:

    1. (it's actually a good thing) The RetroAchievements feature is constantly evolving, being worked and improved.

    2. (the sad part) many people unfortunately just download a custom RetroPie image from somewhere (or even worse, buy it) with all the cores and roms pre installed and just stick it into the Raspberry to use right away. With zero knowledge about how to update the software on it.

    In the past 12 months many improvements were made in the RetroAchievements scene, like new systems being supported (Arcade, Neo Geo Pocket, Atari 7200), and changes on how the achievements are actually coded.

    It's really important that RetroPie users read at least the Updating Retropie doc. Yeah, sometimes updating the whole system can break some stuff here and there, but on that doc you'll learn also how to update/install individual packages, which is mandatory to get the latest changes on the RetroAchivements front. Use it to update RetroArch and the cores you use to play games and earn your achievements.

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