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lr-mame2003 Controls Issue

  • I have searched through many of the forum posts so far which has allowed me to get retropie setup on my Raspi3 with the IPAC2 controller. I have mapped my controls with both the EmulationStation configuration and also manually in the retroarch config settings and directly using the retroarch.cfg file. Everything is working exactly as I want except for the right d-pad direction using the joystick for player 1. It is not a physical issue because the right direction works in emulationstation however it does not work on any of the games I run using lr-mame2003. I have double checked that all of the keys are correctly mapped using both winIPAC and the retroarch.cfg file. I currently have the player 1 right button mapped to "m". I have changed it a few times to different keys (such as "u")thinking it might solve the issue but it has not. The problem only seems to be occurring in lr-mame2003. Any Idea as to what I might be doing wrong. It seems strange to me that it is a single button that is not functioning properly.

  • I have uninstalled/reinstalled retropie and reconfigured the controls in emulation station and retroarch.cfg. I am getting the same exact issue where all controls and buttons work except for player1_right in lr-mame2003. Is there anything pre-assigned or special about either the "u" or "m" keys in lr-mame2003 that would cause such an issue?

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    @Binger88 I think 'm' is bound to the Next Shader action in the default RetroArch keyboard mapping - Do you have a Hotkey set for RetroArch ?

  • @mitu I just tried to remap the key using winIPAC to "j" and also player1_right in retroarch.cfg to "j". I reconfigured the controller in emulationstation and I still have the same error where the right direction will work in ES but not in lr-mame2003. I have player1_start set as my hotkey with maps to different buttons for save,load, etc. The hotkey and all of my shortcuts are working perfectly.

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    I don't know if j is also a RetroArch action - have you tried pressing tab to get the Mame menu and map the inputs there - directly ?

  • @mitu I redid the controls again for the "v" key (from everything I can tell this is not used elsewhere). This time I used the in game menu with the tab key. Still the right direction does not work. Also I have several existing directional buttons mapped to keys that are used for other functions but all of those keys are functioning normally.

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