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Continuing Wifi & BT Issues Startup issues on Raspbian Stretch

  • I've isolated this issue to being software related. as I'm trying Ubutnu 18.04 MATE beta from : here and BT and WiFi adapters load up on every startup. I have no idea what the root issue is, but I have a very strong feeling it's software since it works on another distro. To add to that, I have multiple Pi 3B+s and they all experience the issue.
    Some install info:
    RetroPie installed on top of Raspbian Stretch (just ran dist-upgrade this morning and sudo rpi-update yesterday) so everything is updated there. Also RetroPie packages were updated minutes before writing this.
    Official RPi Power supply
    RetroPie Setup script v4.4.12 updated 6 days ago, which should mean RetroPie 4.4 is installed. Last commit is cdeaeb978f11c7777a0c336fc956ec0743456d99 authored on 4/24.
    Logitech USB Keyboard and Mouse combo attached
    8bitdo SN30 controller used
    Some interesting logs that may provide info (from before after booting with no BT/WiFi, still applicable):
    sudo dmesg output
    iw list output
    All of the above were taken after booting and finding no bt adapters.

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