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Copying Files from SD card to USB

  • Re: Running roms off usb drive

    I was having problems with the automatic USB script method of copying the directory structure over to the USB drive from the SD Card. The folders copied over, but remained empty with the exception of the Atari 2600 roms folder, and a couple of bios' in the bios folder.

    1. I deleted everything out of the retropie-mount folder. So only that folder remained on the USB drive.
    2. I powered up the Pi, went to the configuration option for USB scripts and turned it OFF.
    3. Plugged in the USB drive.
    4. Hit F4 on keyboard to bring up command prompt.
    5. I typed in cp -r -v ~/RetroPie/ /media/usb/retropie-mount and it starting copying everything over. NOTE: In order for me to type ~ I had to hit F6.
      Thanks to felleg in the referenced thread!

    Typing everything out clearly b/c I'm not a Linux expert, and some of the written guides leave out the little things that are "assumed" by such authors.(How to bring up command prompt, how to type tilde in Linux, etc.)

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