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  • its working fine tested with retropie

    also this:

  • @ExarKunIv @tpo1990
    I run xash3d at a resolution of 800x600 from runcomand and from the video mode options of the Half-Life menu.

    I have also configured from the Half-Lihe video options menu:

    Bump-mapping Off

    Use VBO Off

    Draw simple sky On

    Allow Materials Off

    And edited file \opt\retropie\ports\xash3d\ to disable console:

    LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/Half-Life /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/Half-Life/xash3d -clientlib cl_dlls/ -dll dlls/

    And I have installed the extras fron there:

    Run fine for me, in a RPI3B whit overclock.

    Sorry for my English

  • @Cesarpuig Great work, I need to test it out as well. I think your configuration will do it nicely.

    I just received my Raspberry Pi 4B with 4 gb ram from Black Friday. Now the testing on a RPI4B can begin. :-)

    If Xash3D runs well on your RPI3B with overclock. Did you try to run it without overclock to see how it perform?

  • @tpo1990 i played a little with it. there is some slowdown depending on whats going on.
    you can see it in the intro when you are on the train.
    there are a few parts that it slows down.

    i have not gotten any farther then that really. i did run the hazard coarse and that was playable

  • @tpo1990 @ExarKunIv


    I have tried without overclock and it works very well sporadically and for a short time you can freeze the game. But rarely.

    To install the dependencies I will not use the original script line, if not the following:

    sudo apt-get install libx11-dev libxext-dev libfontconfig1-dev libsdl2-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev libsdl2-net-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev libsdl2-image-dev

    This is the overclock if it were useful:

    #uncomment to overclock the arm. 700 MHz is the default.
    #uncomment to increased the sdcard reader speed (No default)

  • @ExarKunIv @Cesarpuig

    Sounds good enough as long as the game doesn't freeze upon gameplay it should be fine. I hope that we can run it without overclock since i think a lot of RetroPie users probably won't overclock their Pi for normal usage. At least the majority of the users that only uses it for casual gaming.

    Any tweak or optimization to a port is always welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • tpo1990 is it possible to make a script to install dosbox with Win95 / Win98 on Retropie ???

  • Is it possible to add OpenRA?

  • @retropi19 Why would you want to run Win95 / Win98 on RetroPie?

    Dosbox exists already in RetroPie. Can't you just install dosbox from RetroPie setup and then somehow mount a Win95/Win98 ISO file to get to the installation of Windows 95/98?

    I'm not sure of how you will be able to do this. I haven't tried running Windows 95 / Windows 98 on a Raspberry Pi, but it probably is possible enough to run it via emulation.

    @BadFurDay I have already tried a long time ago at compiling OpenRA into a working binary and I failed with it. I could just not get it to compile properly. Maybe it was due to some missing dependencies or missing packages that needs to be installed in Raspbian. I still though think it will be possible to get the game to run some day, since I have gotten Dune 2 to run from Dune Legacy port.

  • Postal 1 & Captain Claw ...
    Still no way to put them ? <3 ?

  • @tpo1990 can you make scripts for Plex server and Transmission server for retropie?

    im trying my self but not succefull at all

  • Global Moderator

    @retropi19 said in Suggestions for ports:

    can you make scripts for Plex server and Transmission server for retropie?

    Why would you need scripts ? You can install them directly with apt - transmission is in the Raspbian repositories, and Plex Server can be installed like explained here.

  • @shavecat Unfortunately no, but the source files for Captain Claw is here: It should also work on Windows if you want to try it out. I haven't looked into Postal 1. Not sure about that game. I have never played Postal 1 only Postal 2 on Windows a long time ago. The game was not one of my favorites.

    @retropi19 I don't think it makes sense to create a scriptmodule for Plex server and Transmission as it probably will require custom configuration and by then, not everyone might like the idea of how it would automatically be installed on their RetroPie system. As @mitu says the guide can be used for setting up a Plex server and Transmisson server. This should provide enough for installation.

  • @tpo1990 ok no problem do you have any ports in the making?
    win95/98 is a pain in the ass to make a script will make things easier
    did you improve my script for dune legacy to get the latest version and to work without the flickering without have to edit manual the sdl file?

  • @retropi19 Not yet, but I will begin soon. At the moment my time is limited I can only make work on it in the weekends and even that it is my spare time that will be used. Maybe I should try to get my Dune Legacy scriptmodule to work. Either Dune Legacy or Captain Claw.

    I haven't tried out Win95/98 on a Raspberry Pi, but I can imagine it being difficult to get that to work.

    I have already fixed the flickering last year for Dune Legacy. Last time I checked the flickering was gone when playing Skirmish. I have already done the most of the job on that.

  • @tpo1990 I was wondering if Pitfall the Mayan Adventure (the definitive win95 version) would be playable, but I'm betting that windows 95/98 wont' be running in a state where it's..usable.

  • @tpo1990 @Darksavior

    i never tried it but some people got it going, not sure how well or what can even be done with it

  • @mitu said in Suggestions for ports:

    @retropi19 said in Suggestions for ports:

    can you make scripts for Plex server and Transmission server for retropie?

    Why would you need scripts ? You can install them directly with apt - transmission is in the Raspbian repositories, and Plex Server can be installed like explained here.

    Because it's easier to ask someone to do all the work, do you know how difficult it is to enter a search term in a search engine like google?

  • you think i havent try that.many games like age of empires 1/2 are playable on win95/98

  • tpo1990 i really think you should take zerojay`s github repository i have corrected/updated most of the ports to work in stretch and in buster,i can give you the corrections and help to add more ports to the script/s

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