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Suggestions for ports

  • Source ports tend not to be the most popular apps in RetroPie so are often given low priority. There have been pull requests submitted for Hexen 2 in February and OpenJazz in March that are both awaiting acceptance.

    This will particularly be the case at the moment with the release of RetroPie 4.5 including a new version of RetroArch due soon.

    Having said this, there are working scriptmodules (thanks to @tpo1990) and instructions available to install binaries or build from source on the forum.

    Method: Install working binary.
    Instructions: Available here with updates here.

    Hexen 2
    Method: Working scriptmodule

    Method: Working scriptmodule

    Blake Stone
    Method: Working scriptmodule

    Shadow Warrior
    Method: Build from Source

    The Clue and CrazySpence both have instructions on their Github pages.

    I found the building and installing source ports manually to be a great learning experience, keeping in the spirit of the Raspberry Pi. So if you are interested in these source ports, then I would recommend installing the ports yourself rather than wait for them to be added to the setup script. Just remember to backup your system before installing.

  • i know how to put them and also have over 150 ports that i had put manual,retropie should have all known ports that are working a great addition to the script is openlara 100% working and also has instructions in this page under to put it in ports

  • The work of adding more ports to RetroPie is a work in progress. It might take some time before merging the scriptmodules with
    the RetroPie git repository. As in the moment while waiting for RetroPie 4.5, the pull requests will have to wait. Im sure that it takes time to develop the next big update.

    Mean time we can look into improving and expanding our RetroPie and Raspberry Pi, developing and sharing with the rest of the RetroPie community. Im already looking into getting other source ports to work as well.

    These source ports looks very promising and they actually work on our Raspberry Pi. (tested with RPI3B)
    Dune Legacy, a source port of Dune II RTS game.
    Julius - a source port of Caesar III sim/city builing game.

  • The thing I'm hoping for when installing ports is them to specify if they have controller support. Right now the only way to know if a port has controller support is to check if their name starts with "lr-" or "Cave Stor" :P

  • @ellohir Yes that is the case with "lr" meaning an libretro port. You could be lucky enough to see if it is possible to configure a controller in the specific source port. For example Quake 3 does work with a controller, but must be configured in Quake 3 options.

    One could take a look into creating a libretro version of the source ports, but that will require some knowledge and coding skills in order to create such a scriptmodule such as lr-prboom :-)

  • tpo1990 do you have instructions for Dune Legacy and Julius ?? to put them manual in retropie?

  • @retropi19 Not yet. It is in testing phase at the moment and can not check it since i dont have my RPI with me today.

    You could go to the Dune Legacy website and search for compiling on linux. Thats what i used. It has some screen flickering when playing the game, but i already have managed to find a solution to that. Some SDL variables must be changed to fix it before compiling the binary.

    As for Julius, i downloaded from the github repository and made sure that no other dependencies are missing. I then tried with default cmake and make command in Linux terminal on Raspbian and copied the gamedata from my Caesar III windows installation so that the binary could launch the game.

  • any change for OpenFodder i cannot find instructions to build anywere

  • @retropi19 No change. I have not tried that source port.

    According to the source ports website they have described this:

    Ports for OpenBSD and RetroPie are available, and the game should compile on most *nix distributions

    According to the developers, it should be possible to compile and make a binary on RetroPie, copy the game data files and then launch the game through that same binary.

  • @tpo1990 said in Suggestions for ports:

    Ports for OpenBSD and RetroPie are available

    yes how to compile it?? were are the instructions??

  • @retropi19 No clue. I would probably try default cmake and make commands for compiling from source.

    My way of doing this, is to look up on which libraries dependencies that the source port is requiring, then download and install them with sudo apt-get install "package"

    Once making sure i have installed all libraries dependencies, i would download/clone the source and create a build folder inside it and then try to compile from there.

    Default compile commands:

    ccmake ..

    I might go into checking out the source and see if i can compile it, but right now my head is focused on creating scriptmodules for other ports that i have successfully compiled on my RetroPie.

  • how many extra ports have you compiled??

  • @retropi19 Is it the ones that i have built a scriptmodule and shared for RetroPie community or just for my own Raspberry Pi?

  • all of them both

  • @retropi19 Well

    The ones that i have built a working scriptmodule and shared to the RetroPie community is 5.
    Hexen 2 - Hammer of Thyrion source port
    Jazz Jackrabbit - OpenJazz source port
    Doom Legacy - Doom splitscreen source port
    Blake Stone Aliens of Gold - BStone source port.
    Zandronum - Doom source port built for test in Doom collection repo.

    All the ones that i have tried on my own Raspberry Pi but not shared with RetroPie community:
    ECWolf - Wolfenstein 3D source port
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein - IORTCW based on ioquake 3
    Heroes 2 of Might and Magic - Fheroes2
    Dune 2 - Dune Legacy source port
    Dave Gnukem - Duke Nukem 1/2 clone
    HexenWorld - Online Hexen 2 multiplayer from Hammer of Thyrion source port.
    ReMooD - Doom 4 player splitscreen source port
    Odamex - Doom source port
    Assault Cube - FPS clone like Counterstrike
    Julius - Caesar III source port.
    OpenClaw - Captain Claw source port.

    There could be more, but this is what i can think of right now. It should be noted that the ones that i only have built on my own Raspberry Pi, is a mixed experience in regarding how well the actual source port runs on a Raspberry Pi 3B.

  • @tpo1990 said in Suggestions for ports:

    Assault Cube

    is assaultcube really playing without any problems?
    i tried a lot in the past but could not make it work correct
    care to share or just send me a message with instructions?

  • @retropi19 It plays, but from what i remember you need to change the video settings to as low as you can in order to get a smooth gameplay.

    I think i found a guide on the internet and just followed that. Cant remember from where.

  • there is no guide that working i searched everything,anyway thanks

  • @retropi19 Hmm maybe it was the server version that i compiled last time. I might look into it again. I think it only runs in X11 window (Desktop)

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