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  • @BuZz Currently I have placed blocks using the downgrade script.

    So if I do the full update through the retropie_setup script (meaning saying YES when it asks to update the underlying OS kernel packages etc.) I will be fine?

    Or do I need to run the downgrade script again to unblock the updates and then update through retropie_setup?

  • @hostolis
    I believe you can call the downgrade script in three ways.
    sudo ./ downgrade
    sudo ./ block
    sudo ./ unblock

    both downgrading and blocking will block updates, if you update from retropie and answer yes then the kernel updates will be blocked.

    unless you are referring to a different downgrade script.

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    @Efriim it wont stop the kernel update afaik as we install it via dpkg not apt.

  • @Efriim yes I was talking about the script you mention.

    @BuZz thanks, I will keep the block in place then and use retropie_setup to update then.

    I frequently do
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
    cause I use my raspberry pi for other stuff too and I like being updated.

  • It sets package holds using dpkg, for the raspberry pi kernel package and kernel component stuff like bootloader. Those packages will be skipped and the rest of the update will be unaffected.

    Though I also don't know if apt-get upgrade will download the kernel.

  • I'm having the same (or similar) problem. I have the new 4.5 version of Retropie and have installed sixaxis. I have updated just to be sure.

    Bluetooth picks up on nearby Bluetooth devices but not the PS3 pad. The PS3 pad is currently my only pad and works when connected via a wire.

  • @George-Spiggott same with Xbox one S wireless (Bluetooth) controller. I had to run the downgrade script for my controller to work again.

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    If you're having controller issues, please report the exact version of the firmware package you have installed (via terminal or SSH):

    dpkg -l | grep raspberrypi-kernel

  • Hi! tested latest version 4.5 and downgrade NOT is required.

    Not more vibration in controller. Pair -> get to configure input -> and now is paired y configured.


  • I'm not sure I understand. Where do I turn off vibration?

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    @George-Spiggott I think @AssPunchMan is referring to the fact that the controller no longer rumbles indefinitely while pairing.

  • Bug is now fixed??

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    @oleguer If you run an update of the OS and packages through the RetroPie-Setup script, it will install a correct Linux Kernel, which doesn't have the bug in this topic.
    Use the update from RetroPie-Setup, it will fetch the latest version of the script and then choose yes when it asks if you want to update the "OS and packages".

  • I tried again after updating and it doesn't work. I may have made a schoolboy error though. When I first set up my Pi with my old image I modified a script to allow my then Xbox One pad to work. Does a PS3 pad also require this modification to the Bluetooth settings?

  • @George-Spiggott
    The PS3 driver sort of does this on its own, and replaces the bluetooth stack with one that was written to work with PS3 controllers

    The sixaxis helper driver doesn't need any additional script, and it doesn't replace the bluetooth stack so you can use it with other bluetooth devices sidebyside.

    I don't know about the updates, I no longer have a pi to try them out.
    sudo rpi-update will give you the absolute latest. And when I tried it, it seemed to work fine.
    And then the RetroPie setup, is suggested as it now upgrades to a working kernel.

    With xbox controllers, one of the drivers might be interrupting the other controllers(the xpad one I think that emulates a controller), could try disabling it and rebooting.
    Maybe though a similar script that was written for the xboxpad could be written for the ps3 and then they would work sidebyside with the xpad driver.

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    @George-Spiggott Post the result of

    dpkg -l | grep raspberrypi-kernel

    The sixaxis helper doesn't need any modifications to the Bluetooth settings, it uses the normal Bluetooth stack, unlike the ps3controller driver which - as @Efriim said - replaced the Bluetooth stack with its own.

  • Hi.
    How i can unninstall this script, and make permanent changes to auto update options update all my setup?
    I AM on a rpi 3 B+.

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    @wmarcio See the usage instructions at

    sudo ./ unblock

  • Hello All,

    I can't seem to get my PS3 controllers paired with this new update. I recently bought a new 64gb Sandisk Extreme microSD card to use on my RPi3b+ just for RetroPie. I downloaded the most recent img file (4.5.1) from the download site. I have followed the directions found in the PS3 controller docs for setting up a PS3 controller. I have tried on a clean install after installing the sixaxis drivers, and have tried after following some of the suggestions found within this thread. The PS3 controllers don't seem to register on the bluetooth device list for some reason.

    I have 4.4.14 running on a smaller sd card, so I know the controllers work. Just can't seem to get them to connect on the new update. Any suggestions?

  • @mitu Sorry only just noticed this.

    "@George-Spiggott Post the result of dpkg -l | grep raspberrypi-kernel"

    I get this:

    hi raspberrypi-kernel 1.20190401-1 armhf Raspberry Pi bootloader
    hi raspberrypi-kernel-headers 1.20190401-1 armhf Header files for the Raspberry Pi Linux Kernel

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