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MAME ROW #139 - Kitten Kaboodle

  • @obsidianspider Goal in this game is to get 4 keys to go to next level. If you bring the 3 items of each (crown, dynamite, flame) together then you get a special. Three crown make you unvincable for a short time and you can bounce your enemies away. Flame make 1/3 of the screen going off in flames ... and expect what happens to the enemies if they stay in.
    And Dynamite makes the screen clear off all enemies ...
    Collect coins the raise your score

    And now the strange thing! Sometimes you enter a store where you can buy items (lifes, bombs...) and sometimes you enter a gambling hall where you can push some money in a one-armed-bandit-slot-mashine.

    That's all ... this is a decent copy of Pengo with some special events..

    Uh... my score:
    15000 AAA ;)

  • Hey guys what's going on. No more contributors?

  • @cyperghost I am currently not really playing as I have projects. It takes too much time. :-( Also lately most of the games aren't installed on my system and I mostly play only games if I have them on it. Kitten Kaboodle looks interesting enough, well, I might try it, but need to transfer it first.

  • I got a high score of 28,500 after a couple of games. I took a screenshot, but my computer can't read the file. It seemed to me that stage 4 is very hard compared to stages 1-3.
    Link to my topic on screenshots in Help & Support if anyone wants to help ;-)

  • @cyperghost I take screenshots, but I'm mostly just trying to get the games to run well and set-up. Most of my "free time" is tied up with that. By the time I get one or two games in and take a screenshot it's (almost) never good enough to post. I use this list mostly for finding odd and cool games to add to my cabinet. The MAME RoW is a worthwhile endeavor to be sure; I'm just admittedly often not using it as its creator intended.

  • You're all welcome ;)
    Even if time is short it's always worth a quick gameplay ;)
    Maybe we can extend to 2 weeks term to play - I know it's sometimes a bit difficult to find some time. But like @IanDaemon said, the MAME RoW is cool for finding some arcade nuggets.

  • @cyperghost Yeah, Monday to Wednesday is tough when there's so much "life" happening. Well, I guess the time limit is OK since it's only for voting. We can always post screenshots at any any thread. (It's not like the threads are locked, thank goodness.)

  • @IanDaemon I actually saw this like a weekly event, a season pass. :D There are some games I am interested in to play and share, maybe we should look around whats available. Especially for those who missed the older one.

  • @thelostsoul Having this being a weekly thing is cool too. I guess then people shouldn't be surprised with low involvement on a week-to-week basis throughout the year.

  • Well I've already made the collection of the MAME ROWs available.

  • @cyperghost Yeah, that list is just the "winners" though. I'm just curious to check out all the titles. I guess I could just go through the 2003 romset, but this is more fun.

  • Sorry guys, totally missed this week. Does anyone else want to take over posting these? It seems like interest in MAME ROW has died down a lot lately.

  • @obsidianspider

    Sorry guys, totally missed this week.

    That is not a problem.

    Does anyone else want to take over posting these?

    I just can speak for myself and I would try to change the rules.
    And to extend to 2 weeks. Maybe this would help to keep some more people to take part. It's not a big thing to vote for a game, but I have only some time for a quick game during the WEs. So it might help to extend this period.

    I think the choice of 1 out of 3 is okay, maybe 1 out of 5 would be better.

    It seems like interest in MAME ROW has died down a lot lately.

    Yes seems so but I don't know the reason. There are still some votes made but sadly no contribution is done. It's a bit irtating indeed.

    I think it's your turn alone to say ... "it was a fine time thanks and goodbye" or to take over again and keep this thing alive - maybe with some slight changes in rules. Use the force @obsidianspider ;)

  • @cyperghost said in MAME ROW #139 - Kitten Kaboodle:

    I think the choice of 1 out of 3 is okay, maybe 1 out of 5 would be better.

    Wouldn't that lead to a lot of ties?

    Yes seems so but I don't know the reason. There are still some votes made but sadly no contribution is done. It's a bit irtating indeed.

    Maybe the downturn in activity is due to the nicer weather and outdoor activities? Why would it be irritating?

  • @IanDaemon said in MAME ROW #139 - Kitten Kaboodle:

    Why would it be irritating?

    Mainly because it's a matter of "why am I doing this if no one is bothering to participate?"

    I'll try to remember for next week. Thanks guys. Let's at least get to 150. :)

  • @obsidianspider I would be a bit unhappy if this stops, I can understand you, why would you "host" this, if no one is using it. On my personal side, its only a phase. Also I look every week for the games and lately games not installed on my "system" are "chosen". I mostly participate on games I already have in my collection, with exceptions.

  • I too, check every week to see what’s on offer. I don’t always vote, I’ll admit I seldom post scores or feedback, but I do enjoy having a go. I wouldn’t be surprised if you stopped, but I’d miss it :)

  • I'm here every week.
    There's just a lot of arcade games that doesn't really have my interest.
    On the other hand, some of my best memories with my arcade cab is battling some of the classic games on Mame ROW.

    I suggest the following:

    • A round every two weeks would be fine.
    • Instead of voting between 3 games, make it 5.
    • If some games get a lot of votes, but doesn't win, it automatically qualifies to next round

    The above would
    a: lower the workload on you @obsidianspider
    b: probably get more interesting games pr. round
    c: withhold games of interest, which will draw interest to next round already

  • I have a different idea, just a brainstorming. What do you think?:

    • 3 (or 4) games are chosen randomly and 1 game is added from previous vote.
    • Let's play all 4 (or 5) games and post scores, everyone can decide what they want to play.
    • At the end of the week, we vote which game should make it to next week.

    Instead voting which game to play, everyone plays what he wants and the game we liked most would make it to next week. In case the next selection of new games are not good, we have the option to play at least our last winner again. This could last 2 weeks (or monthly?) and we are not stuck with a single game to play.

  • I'm all for changing the rules, but adding more games will make it more work, not less.

    If we want to carry something over or whatever, that's fine. I'm just the facilitator, I don't make the rules, this is a community thing. :)

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