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mupen64plus black borders in higher resolutions

  • I'm running mupen64plus (GLideN64) on my Ubuntu x86 system.
    With the default 640x480 resolution I don't have any black borders (with NTSC games).
    But when I change the resolution to something higher, for instance the native resolution of my TV, 1920x1080 I'm getting black borders on top and bottom.

    I can use 640x480 but I really want a higher res plus when I use the 640x480 resolution my Samsung TV switches resolution and I'm getting the info of that switch on screen everytime.

    Any one have a clue how to fix this?

  • I think I found the solution.
    In mupen64plus.cfg you can find the overscan options.
    Need some fiddling around with it but probably this is what I was searching for.

    Though I don't know why the standard resolution (640x480) doesn't need overscan and higher resolutions need this to be able to fill the whole screen. Any one know why?

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