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2 gamepads with only 1 connected

  • sony vaio i7 quad 8 thread 4gb mem laptop xubuntu 18.04
    rpie installs great then when starts sees 2 controllers
    there is nothing connected except 1 gamepad
    when i configure it rpie says its controller 2 and after setup it work fine for everything except playing games
    it scrolls through emulators and opens menus etc but when you try and start a game nothing
    i have tried deleting config files in opt no go
    if any1 has any suggestions pls i would greatly appreciate it searches have return zilch

  • Global Moderator

    @jonzen Did you install the xboxdrv ? What controller do you have ?

  • I have several controllers, no xbox tho. I have usb innext pads and another that has no identification on it. they all work fine with pcsxr and pcsx2. The problem is rpie says i have 2 controllers hooked to usb when theres only 1. Then when you set up the controller it goes in as controller 2 and won't do squat once a game is loaded and running. I installed rpie on my asus laptop today, all controllers work fine, same os xubuntu18.04. I guess what I need to know is can I manually edit a config file and maybe remove controller 1 and rename controller 2 to controller 1. I will try the xboxdrv. Thank You

  • Just installed xboxdrv. Rebooted, rpie starts, I can scroll thru dif game types on main screen, enter and emulator say nes, start a game, then when it gets to the point in the game when you push start to play, nothing.

  • Global Moderator

    @jonzen I wasn't suggesting to install the xboxdrv driver, but merely asking if you have it installed, since it will create an extra controller when installed.

    With the controller plugged in, run cat /proc/bus/input/devices and post the output here.

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