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MAME ROW #141 - Cyvern

  • @AndersHP sorry, I think I skipped over where you had the bios mentioned.
    I put it in my ROM folder. I know it should work how you have it, but may be a quick test to see if you can get it to run.

  • @b3k Ah this did the trick - thanks!
    Wonder why the BIOS folder file doesn't work though. I guess the will show as a game now?

    Anyways, muuuuch better performance than FBA, still a bit of sound stuttering though. Do you also experience this?

  • Also, kudos to @obsidianspider for setting up this new MAME ROW v.2.
    I think it already works better than the old format. I personally saw this MAME ROW a bit late and would normally have missed it, but now I have a whole week to give it a proper shot. Love it!

  • @AndersHP which model pi are you using? I have a 3b+ slightly overclocked to 1450mhz. Overall cyvern runs well but I do get some occasional slow down (this is the audio stuttering that you are noticing). It's really only noticable during some of the boss fights or when there are a ton of enemies on screen at the same time.

  • @quicksilver
    I'm also using a 3b+ although not overclocked. Should I try this?
    The slowdowns and stuttering was simultaneous, and I think I had 9 tanks on screen or something like that.

  • @AndersHP it's probably not likely to help that much. I may have other settings set to give better performance. I'll check the fps and see what I'm averaging.

  • I don't think I'm using any special bios file for this one. And I'm using a MAME 2003 on a Pi3B+. :thinking:

  • A little late to this party, but I have to profess my love for Mat Mania. Even though there is not a single licensed pro wrestling character, I loved this game.

    HOWEVER, there is one bad thing about this game. I think Coco Savage is the most racist video game character ever. :(

  • @quicksilver did you check this? I'm getting framerates as low as 45 during the first level boss, but often the framerate shows high 50's but the sound studdering is very bad there already.

    I'm running standard retropie video settings with no shaders or other gimmicks.

  • Concerning the Performance of Cyvern:
    i never tried MAME2003(+), but i tried FBA (now FBNeo) and the game stuttered and was unplayable for my opinion.

    It took quit some time until i found the romset for AdvanceMame: this one is smooth indeed!
    Cannot compare it to MAME2003 as mentioned above, but can confirm that Cyvern runs great using AdvanceMame.

  • @AndersHP So I played through the first and second level with the FPS counter turned on and for most of the time I was between 58-60fps. I did have occasional dips down to 55fps and once or twice it got as low as 50fps but only for a second or two during boss fights.

    My CPU overclock to 1450mhz must help somewhat. I also have my GPU core overclocked to 615mhz, but I wouldnt think that would help much with Mame2003. Ill turn my GPU overclock off next and check the FPS again.

  • @sirhenrythe5th I tried Mame 0.106 romset with emulator "advmame" but game doesn't start. I copied the bios file into the games dir and the BIOS dir, to no avail. I added the line :/home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS/ to the advmame.rc
    None of either advmame 3.9, advmame-0.94 or advmame 1.4 works.

    @quicksilver Thanks, looking forward to it. I have no active cooling so I don't think I will start OC'ing.

    The game seems so good though! I think I have to give up....

  • @AndersHP it sounds like you might benefit from romsets where each ROM is zipped together with all required bios files (full non-merged?) That's what I use and I never have to hunt for bios files.

  • @quicksilver hmm so a full non merged 0.106 romset? And which version af advmame do you run?

  • @AndersHP I'm actually using mame2003 so 0.78 romset

  • @quicksilver MAME 2003 over here with no specific BIOS for Cyvern. (I've actually had issues with some games NOT wanting BIOS files.)

  • @IanDaemon have you overclocked your pi? Or are you using different video settings than standard RetroPie?

    Or how does it perform on your setup?

  • Racist he may be, but Coco is almost impossible to beat the 2nd time through. After you have won the championship and continue to the 2nd round, Coco recovers almost instantly from stunning damage, even before you execute a move. He is very fast, and once he gets a hold of you, he continues to attack until you are out of stamina, I can't seem to break out of any of his holds. You can't clothesline him after he throws you on the ropes either. Has anyone beat him a 2nd time?

  • @AndersHP I had the same Problem. As mentioned in my post it took me a long time until i found the right romset of Cyvern for AdvanceMame.
    I also tried the one of the 0.106 romset - no luck.
    I unzipped about five different Versions of Cyvern an packed all the files in a single one: no luck.
    Try and error of every that i could find: no luck.

    In the end i found it here after someone posted an unwanted link to a google-drive with his collection of roms.
    I had a look in the couple of minutes until the link was removed and got a that finally worked with AdvanceMame 3.9 at least.

    So i can confirm there is a working romset and it runs formidable on AdvanceMame ;)

  • @AndersHP said in MAME ROW #141 - Cyvern:

    @IanDaemon have you overclocked your pi? Or are you using different video settings than standard RetroPie?

    Or how does it perform on your setup?

    I have not overclocked the Pi. Everything is standard 3B+ to my knowledge. (unless an update changed it and I wasn't aware) I recently updated to get FBNeo, but that's the last time I made any changes. I'm updating everything through the script and not doing anything manually.

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