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Ps1 on psx ran perfect. And then got bad after restart ? How to fix

  • Hi every one if this has been asked before please send me a link and I will delete this post .

    I was playing crash bandicoot and every turned graphics up and ran 100 percent flawless ... saw on YouTube that I could add SCPH1001.BIN in bio to make everything run smoother for psx... also at same time I deleted one rom and added 2 different ones to my flash drive . Idk if those have anything to do with it just figured I would add it in there in case.
    Turned my pi 3b+ back on and went to play again and then it all went down hill . Turned graphics back down and still it was unplayable.
    So I deleted the bio because that’s the only thing I thought could be the problem. What should I do ?
    Should I just format my micro and flash drive and redo everything ? Thank you

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    @washburngopro Please add more info about your system -

    Do all games exhibit this behavior or it's just Crash Bandicoot ? Did you change any of the emulator Options ?

  • @mitu all ps1 games acted like that . I was able to turn graphics up on all the games I played flawlessly . And then I couldn’t even play them with everything turned back down to normal

  • @washburngopro

    That might be run-ahead instances. I think the setting is found under "latency".
    Could set it to zero, I never use it but it is okay with some Nintendo games.

    The bios is good, you should keep it. Rarely (Arc the Lad Monster Tournament) do I ever have to use no bios.

    If your pi doesn't have any heatsink, airflow, cooling fan, radiator. It will overheat and the SoC/CPU will throttle undermining performance in some games. While it is possible to underclock and increase the soft/temp limit to get adequate performance for PSX, good ventilation is still needed when playing 4+ hours.

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