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Question: Is it possible to make a portable pi 0w out of the parts of a bootleg portable Famicom?

  • So I bought this retro console clone for around 7 USD
    Here the board

    So my original plan was to take it apart and connect the components to the Pi, but it's all on one board. It is possible to somehow hook up the controls, speaker, battery and screen to the Pi somehow? Just want to know if this is worth pursuing

  • anything is possible, but tbh it looks like more truble than it will be worth.
    obviusly you will need to remove some of the board and you will most likely also need a new control board for the screen and will therefore most likely not fit inside the old case either.
    cosiddering all this and the fact that you had to ask if it was possible, i would say this is likely a job way above your skillset and not worth the efford, for you.
    personally i would just get one of the many kits available.

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