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What graphics card should I get?

  • I am currently an owner of a PS4 and Nintendo switch owner and have been waiting for awhile to get into the PC gaming world. I was waiting for card prices to come down to reasonable and it seems my definition of reasonable won't be met. Seems like Nvidia needs some competition but I won't get into that. I'm looking to play mostly RPGs and shooters on this console as those are my two favorite genres of games. I want to play at 1440p and be at 60 fps min. I think I will be using a 60 Hz monitor as I really am not competitive and don't need crazy high FPS. I do however want to be on Max settings maintaining 60 fps. What do you guys think is the best graphics card for me. Used or new is fine for me but I can't seem to find the cheaper used cards online that people like science studio talk about in their YouTube videos all the time.

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