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Emulation station wont load after scraping

  • i recently downloaded the newest version of retropie and loaded a few games on them. I used the steven selph scraper, everything seemed fine and after scraping emulation station fails to load i get this msg.

    emulationstation: /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/tmp/build/emulationstation/es-app/src/FileData.cpp:217: void FileData::addChild(FileData*): Assertion `mType == Folder' failed. Aborted

    now its on the command prompt and my keyboard wont work either. i rebooted it and the retropie logo shows up and then it wont load system config and gives me the same thing.

    Same thing happened to me a few days ago using skyscraper and i ended up just reinstalling the image. What is up with this , what am i doing wrong?? Is there a way to fix ??

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    Find the scummvm gamelist.xml file and remove the final file entry from the path of the game. Emulationstation expects a folder with the .svm suffix, instead of a file.

  • There is no ScummVM I was scraping just the nes folder before this happened

  • @mitu in the games list.xml all the nes games scraped point to the file not just the folder . Would this have to be changed for every gAme that was scraped?

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    @dman I wasn't referring to the NES games, having the path point to file it's ok. Are those the only one that you have scraped ?

  • i did some searching and i think the problem is because i have each nes rom in its own separate folder inside the nes folder.

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    That shouldn't cause a problem, can you post the gamelist.xml on to take a look at it ?
    Normally you should have the ROMs directly in one folder, otherwise you'll have to do an extra step (entering the folder) in Emulationstation in order to launch it, but having a ROM in its own folder shouldn't cause this issue.

  • @mitu i ended up getting it fixed I just deleted the game list.xml and image folder and put the rom directly in the folder instead of in a folder inside of a folder. not sure why it did that with the nes games because I scraped a couple sega cd games before that , they were structured the same way (roms/segacd/game/game files) and it didn’t fail to reload EmulationStation but it placed the image in the last folder. Maybe because those games have multiple game files in the folder instead of just 1. I’ll see what happens with the ps1 games .

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