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ES corrupt audio

  • Hi folks, long time since I needed help, but here we go. Pi3B

    I have 5 Pis, 1 x 3B, 3x 3B+ and 1 x 4B+. the 4B+ is an NFS server, which boot from the attached HD. The others all boot via NFS from their own folders on the NFS drive.

    The 3B is RetroPie/ My Desktop is Arch Linux with pulseaudio as the sound server. RetroPie has PA installed and configured to connect to the desktop server. It's connected to the same monitor as the desktop using an HDMI switch. No problems up to now.

    I experimented today with also booting amibian from the 3B by creating the amibian system in a different folder on the NFS drive, cloning the boot line in cmdline.txt and pointing the root to the amibian folder instead of retro, meaning that I could simply comment out one or the other boot lines in cmdline to boot the system I want (effectively dual boot). So far, so good.

    Back to retro, and the sound is corrupted as hell in ES only (all emulators). As a test, I mounted my NFS Music folder in RetroPie and played a few tracks with cvlc. No problem.

    So NFS is working fine, pulseaudio is working fine, and audio in ES was working fine, but now isn't. I've tried rebooting RetroPie to no avail.

    Any ideas?

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