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[Theme] Clean (Preview)

  • Clean is a simple, high contrast theme for Emulation Station. It started because I wanted something simple and easy to read for my Retroflag GPi Case. After I put that together, I decided to expand it to work on larger screens.

    I have not released it yet, but I plan to do so in the next week or so over the Christmas break while I put some finishing touches on it.

    Feedback is appreciated and I would love to hear what you all think.


    • Templates for 320x240, 4x3, 16x9, and 16x10 screens.
    • Support for basic, detail, and video views with grid view in the works.
    • Supports for Favorites, Last Played, and All Games.
    • Custom static splash screens in 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 ratios.
    • Custom video splash screens in 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 ratios. Available here.
    • Custom loading screens in 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 ratios (displays before and after loading a ROM).
    • Support for all of the same systems as Carbon theme since I based this theme off Carbon initially.


    16x9 Resolution

    Main View 16x9

    Basic View 16x9

    Detailed/Video View 16x9

    Collections 16x9

    320x240 Resolution

    Main View 320x240

    Basic View 320x240

    Detailed/Video View 320x240

    Collections 320x240

  • I would so love a vertical arcade version of this.

  • Nice simple theme. I can see this in a great way for users wanting something simple for their own RetroPie setup instead of other themes that either resemble an existing video console or a genre based theme.

    I like it for it's simplicity, clean view and easy read of systems and games.

  • @Thorr69 I've thought about doing something like that. I have another theme in the works, and I may try the vertical layout. I'll let you know.

    @tpo1990 That is precisely what I was going for. I wanted the focus to be on the system logos and game art while keeping a modern-type interface that is easy to navigate.

    I added some screenshots of the 320x240 resolution. It is stripped down a little, but still has the information I felt was relevant. The theme is very close to being release ready.

  • @dionmunk I love it, I only suggest you to use a dark grey line instead of a white one

  • @dionmunk any chance of a shutdown splash to go with the theme and opening splash? looks great by the way , can't wait for the release!

  • @sergioad I'll try it out and see what I can come up with.

  • @skirocket I will put something together. Any thoughts on what you'd like to see? I'll take suggestions.

  • @dionmunk maybe the image going up from the opening splash and text saying goodbye thanks for playing or along them lines? so it matches. thanks again

  • any update on a release date?

  • @skirocket It's just about ready!

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