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  • I have decided to move to a smaller sd card since all my roms are now hosted on a NAS. So I moved from a 32gb card to an 8gb card. I deleted the roms folder and used gparted to shrink the partition down to fit on the 8gb card. I then ran this command: dd if=/dev/ccblk0 of=/dev/sdb I confirmed the successful transfer and even checked the UUIDs. Both partitions are the same, all files are present.

    But inserting the 8gb card into the pi fails to boot. I can rule out an sd card error because I have written a vanilla image of RetroPie on that SD-Card and that did boot without issues.

    I have done the same thing on my raspberry pi 4 - which runs raspbian and retropie underneath. On the Pi 4 it I used the same method and it worked. Any ideas why it didn't work? Has it anything to do with the Pi 3 ?

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