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Custom 240p Test Suite Box Art (nes/snes/genesis/megadrive)

  • in my spare time over the last few weeks, i've been chipping away at putting together some nice cover/wheel art for the 240p Test Suite.

    240p Test Suite (nes)

    240p Test Suite (snes)

    240p Test Suite (genesis)

    240p Test Suite (megadrive)

    Wheel 00

    Wheel 01

    feel free to use them in your builds and/or spread them around to the proper channels. maybe one day we'll even be able to scrape them :)

    i know this is a niche thing, but if there's demand for more popular console versions, i'd be happy to render a couple more. it's relatively simple thanks to existing templates, though the NES cover was the most time consuming as i took a few extra artistic liberties to make it look more authentic.

    my retropie setup looks much more complete now with some cover art for these roms:

    13" Toshiba


    screenshot taken with raspi2png

    i'd love to see your CRT setups if you ever get use out of these.

  • Global Moderator

    Nice work !

    feel free to use them in your builds and/or spread them around to the proper channels. maybe one day we'll even be able to scrape them :)

    Did you submit them to ScreenScraper ?

  • @mitu hey, thanks! i haven't submitted them yet, but plan to eventually. truth be told, i was putting it off because i find the site ux :)

  • @chipsnblip said in Custom 240p Test Suite Box Art (nes/snes/genesis/megadrive):

    i find the site ux :)

    I fully agree

  • @chipsnblip These look professional made. Great job!

    If you wouldn't mind a have a few system to request when you find the time.

    Sega CD/Mega CD
    PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16
    CD-ROM2/Super CDROM2 (PCE Duo/Turbo Duo)
    Sega Dreamcast
    Neo Geo MVS/AES and CD
    Sega Master System

    I'm a member of so if you would like i can submit the ones you have already made and give credit with link to this thread?

  • @Rion sure, i can work on some more systems but i work slowly (be prepared to wait a good while). feel free to submit them to the scraper or anywhere else, don't need credit i just hope they are of use to someone :)

  • i tried going to but just get a white page, is the site down? tested in both firefox and chromium browsers.

    anway, had some free time today and finished the tg16/pcengine covers:
    240p Test Suite (tg16)

    240p Test Suite (pcengine)

    regarding the pcengine cover, i don't know Japanese so just input "Test Suite" into google translate, if that's incorrect let me know and i will fix it :)

    and a quick update, i made a small change to the genesis cover which had a minor design flaw (oversight):
    240p Test Suite (genesis) [update]

    link to the full album:

    also these are a work in progress and i'm open to suggestions, so if anyone has criticisms please let me know what you're thinking :)

  • couple new ones (segacd & megacd):

    240p Test Suite (segacd)

    240p Test Suite (megacd)

    think next i'll work on the playstation and dreamcast versions.

  • dreamcast & psx:

    240p Test Suite (dreamcast)

    240p Test Suite (playstation)

    the next one i'll work on is the mastersystem, which uses some different art assets: so it will take a bit more time to come up with something. suggestions are welcome :)

    if there are any other templates for these systems you would like to see, different layouts, colors, etc. let me know. after i'm done with a few more systems, i will put together a source file (gimp's native .xcf format) so anyone can make changes, or add more systems in the future.

  • @chipsnblip

    These are so great!
    You could even print these and use on real cart/cds that how good these look!

  • Is that an SD Snatcher reference?! Man, that takes me back. MSX2 with FM-pack and SCC cartridge, iirc.

  • thanks Rion! finally finished the mastersystem cover:

    240p Test Suite (mastersystem)

    this one took longer than usual, because i wanted it to look as close to an original box as possible. matching the font/kerning, and smoothing the pixelation on gillian was an interesting feat.

    i wasn't satisfied with inkscape's automated bitmap tracing results, so i took a different route and used libretro's Imageviewer core with a shader (pretty sure i ended up using xsoft+scalefx-level2aa+sharpsmoother.glslp). after that it took lots of cleanup and manual painting in gimp to achieve the final result.

    i'm almost tempted to go back and re-render all these covers using the smooth version...

    stay tuned for more covers :)

  • @chipsnblip

    Nice work!

    I like the pixelated look on the covers, but then again I'm a sucker for 240p 😁

  • yeah, same here -- so i'll just leave them as-is:) actually, that's probably the last of the covers i'll do for now. i was considering making covers for neo-geo, but after realizing it's not called 240p Test Suite (it's Neo Geo monitor test tool), i decided to leave that up to someone else for the future.

    last step now is to get all the assets sorted before sharing the source.

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