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LED Lighting

  • Hey guys... been a long while. Managed to get everything I needed for an Arcade build, except the wood, then other stuff got in the way and delayed things by about a year.

    Finally buying the wood this week and getting back on track. Revisited my original design, and had a few small changes to make, not many so pretty happy with the cabinet design.

    One thing I was wondering about, was LED lighting.

    I have a bunch of the RGB 5050 LED lights, comes with a remote and power supply and has some options like strobe, colour wave, etc... which is fine. But, there's always cool features and functions I never knew existed when comes to this stuff, so I was wondering, is there any sort of LED integration with RetroPie/RaspPi? Like... some games make the lights react in different ways? certain colours for different things, flashing when killed, or changes with the music etc?

    Doubt it, but wanted to ask and see... as nice as colour changing lights are, they'd be even cooler if they reacted more with the game. Like those virtual pinball machines do.

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    Try looking at LedSpicer (referenced here) or RGBCommander and see if you can make use of them.

  • I'm working on a plugin for ledspicer that will use the rpi GPIO pins, that means that if you are not using the GPIO port and want to hook some leds there that will be cheap and cool! I will post more details when I get a working version.
    As mitu mentioned you can use a led controller board to get the same (an a lot more) effects using ledspicer.

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