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Berryboot Pi 4 Image

  • Good evening/morning,

    I finally found time to plug my Pi 4 back up and saw there was a Berryboot Retropie image for the Pi 4. I decided to play with this to see how it goes (and not carry extra sd cards hopefully) and ran into a couple of issues.

    1. No audio issues - Failed to attach to default card error. - This may be because I plugged up my external drive before deleting my old configs so I will give this a go this weekend when I can start over.

    2. Berryboot won't show an image on my tv unless I comment out :

    With this commented out, Berryboot displays its menu but looks like Retropie doesn't find fkms and won't load emulationstation. I uncommented this and again, Berryboot has no output but eventually loads to Retropie and everything works as normal.

    I know Berryboot isn't supported here but since there was an image unofficially offered I was hoping someone has encountered this as well.

    Thank you

  • Global Moderator

    @KN4THX Seems like Berryboot needs to be updated to support the Pi4. The dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d is the standard configuration setting on a PI4 to enable the new GPU driver - without it the PI4 will not have any accelerated video drivers.

  • @mitu Thank you, this does appear to be the case. I just went back to a dedicated install for Retropie which I like better anyway right now. I appreciate you looking into it. Everything is loading normally now.

  • administrators

    The berryboot images have been removed now from the weekly images. They were only there due to the automated script building them. They were never tested and berryboot is not recommended for retropie. Glad you're sorted.

  • @BuZz Thanks for that info. I was grabbing the weekly build and happen to notice them in there so figured I'd play around with it a little. Thanks again.

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