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Looking for a Switch Style (clamp) controller

  • I'm trying to find a 'clamp style' controller that is compatible with RetroPi and will fit my screen.
    I have an RP3B+ now, and am sitting on a RP4 waiting on the official RetroPie release for it.
    I have this screen:
    which is perfect for hand held retro gaming, but I haven't been able to find a clamp controller that fits the screen and is compatable with the RP. I tried the Ipega 9083S, but that doesn't seem to be Linux compatable at all (which SUCKS because it fits around the screen perfectly).

    Does anyone know of such a controller? I'm not worried about cost (within reason).


  • @forizzle I’m attempting the same thing. Have you had any luck?

  • This is just an example but you would have to be looking for a controller like this one that would work with what you wantalt text

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