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New NotSoEpicNoir-Chiculeo Hybrid Theme

  • @CCFox what's your github username? I need that to send you an invent to the repo.

  • @hoover900

    CCFox123 matey

  • @CCFox invite sent

  • @hoover900

    Many thanks for that. As suspected Paint Shop Pro X2 doesn't recognise .kra files.

    I have downloaded and installed Krita and had a little play. However I try and cut and paste the template over the top and it doesn't give the same effect as your backgrounds . I've also converted the .jpg to .kra and tried that and no joy. Also converted the .kra file to a .png and tried it in PSP X2. Again no joy.

    Krita is quite good tho.



  • @hoover900

    Think I've sussed it....Change the layer opacity to 80%.

    Save as a .jpg


    Thank you so very much



  • @AkiAfroo I will share my theme when I am finished. Still have to work on the games list. Does anyone know if the grid view is working?

  • @CCFox Your theme looks really good now.

  • @bmoxey Wow that looks amazing!

  • @bmoxey It has one last bug I think, the box art images change size when you move over them as your browse. That hasn't been fixed.

  • I have made more progress with my theme, including centering text on left, using the console image and console logo and changing some of the system logos. I probably should simplify the PC Engine one (or call it TurboGrafx 16).

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-05-43.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-05-50.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-05-52.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-05-55.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-05-58.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-01.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-03.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-05.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-06.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-08.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-11.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-12.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-23 20-06-14.png

  • @bmoxey you can create a github and we can enjoy it while you are doing some change xD. im in love of your mod.
    pd,would be possible to add video preview in the background ? like after 1s or 2s after scroll the platforms display a blurry video in background with same effects backgrounds does.

    backgrounds image + ..waiting 1s and platform video autoplay.

  • Update:

    I have completed the majority of the game list screens. A choice of three....

    Screen with one up and down arrows:
    1 Arrow.jpg

    Screen with two up and down arrows:

    2 Arrows.jpg

    Screen with no up and down arrows:
    No Arrows.jpg

    All three are in each system folder. There are 3 theme.xml files named theme1.xml, theme2.xml and theme3.xml. You pick the screen you want and rename the filename to theme.xml.

    With the screen with no arrows I would like to have the system logo centralised if possible. I've tried a few different ways on the script to achieve this without success. Any pointers would be appreciated.

    The back images are a mix from Tronkyfran theme and @hoover900 's images. @hoover900 kindly let me have a copy his image to work with and guide me on who to use them and credit should go to him for it.

    I will now start digging around the net for the missing console images.

    Comments good or bad always welcome....

    Kind Regards


  • @CCFox Thank you. I really think the theme looks better without the arrows.

  • @SP I did you have in mind when I did this....just got the logo centralised.



  • Thanks, man. I really appreciate it.

  • Final update this evening:

    On the non arrows screen I have managed to centralise the logo. I even got a ruler out!!

    Screen shots:

    Nintendo NES - This is the widest looking logo I have:


    Vectrex - This is the deepest looking logo I have:


    Bout done and ready to share is anybody wishes to.

    Kind Regards


  • Looking forward to it.

  • A few more tweaks now done. I do have a slight problem though. When the theme first starts it for a split second on the game list the marquee art appears then disappears. Then it never comes back until you restart the theme. I am guessing it shows it before it loads the game list screen background. Not a major but I would like to stop it. Anybody have any ideas on how to do it?

    I will be culling some of the older systems that I can't find artwork for.



  • I have made some progress on the Game List view. Still tweaking and moving things about. I have created a github and will upload when I am happy with the look.

    Screenshot from 2020-05-25 00-46-41.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-25 00-47-02.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-25 00-47-07.png

    Screenshot from 2020-05-25 00-47-41.png

    Updated system view.

    Screenshot from 2020-05-25 01-22-14.png

    I am using skraper to create a large image file with the wheel, 3dbox art , mask and image art. Is there a better way to do this?

  • @bmoxey

    Looks lovely matey. Might combine your game list with my front

    As for skraper I used that as well to scrape my games. I registered so i was able to get 20k scrapes per 24 hours. Took about a week for mine. I scraped 3d box art, game image with game logo and box art combined and marquee.



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