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  • Pi 4, official power supply, running RetroPie 4.6. Built from official SD image. Generic SNES controlled plugged into port 1, USB hub for keyboard port 2, DolphinBar port 4.

    I posted a few days ago with issues around being able to shoot offscreen on NES. Now things have gone backwards, and lr-MAME2003-plus does not recognise the B button on the Wiimote at all (whereas the NES emulators did).

    I did have a problem where my keyboard and Wiimote configuration were clashing in ES (when I configured the Wiimote it cancelled out a lot of my keyboard configs). I cleared out the entry in whichever cfg file it is, and reconfigured the keyboard - still no joy with the remote.

    Also, crosshair cursor now only moves around on the screen when using the directional buttons on the remote!

    Any help would be gratefully received, I'm pulling my (thinning) hair out here. Is there a way to get ES / MAME to recognise it as something other than a keyboard? I'm wondering if that would help somewhere.

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