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  • I have a strange problem. I had to reformat my sd card for my Raspberry Pi 3. Everything was working previously. I ran the one step install and everything succeeded fine...

    wget -O - | sudo bash

    i press the button now and it shuts down which means the service must be running. However if I press the button to turn on nothing happens.

    what I notice is that when shutting down the led on my switch blinks fast and then shuts off which i believe it is supposed to do. when i press it to turn back on it starts blinking slow but nothing happens. Only the solid red led on the pi is emitted.

    if i unplug the pi and plug it back in then it boots up fine.

    does anyone have an idea of what i can try?

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    Hi! Can you post an image of your hardware setup?
    This behaviour can occur, if the USB cable is directly connected to the Raspberry and not to the PowerBlock.

  • ugh!! i must have moved it while reformatting my sd card! this was the problem. thanks for the help!

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