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RetroPie Wiki Updates

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    Hey all,

    We started our documentation using the Retropie-Setup GitHub Wiki. Once it got large enough we used the wiki as a source for generating a prettier mkdocs based documentation with the material theme it worked well in that the community could still contribute to the wiki but the docs also looked better, unfortunately there were also some issues, one major issue being that if any of the page names were changed it would break all the documentation. We also had some spam.

    As a result we have deprecated the GitHub wiki in favour of a standalone documentation repository found here:

    The community can still contribute but will need to submit pull requests to the repository. This allows for contributions to be vetted and makes the docs more stable.

    I know it will probably break some links on multiple sites but it makes sense to have the docs consolidated in one place rather than having duplication, and the SEO will update itself soon enough.

    Thanks for all the contributions thus far, I am pretty pleased with our project's documentation and it is a big reason why it's the most popular pi based gaming project.

    As this is mostly a backend change the public facing documentation will still show up here:

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